Why do you need a life coach?

August 20, 2017 admin

      Have you ever found it difficult to make a change in your life? You may need a life coach. Life coaches are consistently misunderstood in what we actually do. Many think we only help people who have a problem or that we are equivalent to counselors, mentors, psychologists, the list goes on. A life coach is essentially someone who asks the right questions to guide you through the process of defining a goal, knowing your options, and taking action steps towards that goal. We keep you accountable and only look towards the future, not what happened in the past.


      There are different types of life coaches that focus on one or two aspects of life. These different focuses can include executive, spiritual, emotional, career, fitness, family, life skills, and many more. It is important that you choose a coach in relation to what you want to improve on or need help with. If you don’t know, many coaches offer consultations and can help you figure out what type of life coach is best for you.


      Life coaches are great in that they help you make progress in your life quicker than normal. This in turn creates many benefits for you including more money, healthier life, deeper relationships, or whatever you deem important. To do this we focus on what can you do now to get closer to your goal. This changes the persons mindset from thinking it will take time to accomplish their goal to it will take action to accomplish their goal. To figure out what kind of action to take we ask the questions that you haven’t thought of to get you to think differently on how to accomplish your goal.


      Now for career coaching, since that is my niche. Career coaching encompasses what I believe is the most time-consuming part of everyone’s life. This is what make you money and dictates your quality of life. It is important to understand that my goal is not to make you money, it is a great side effect but what I want for you is to have a career that you can be excited about and remove all the bad stress so you can be happy, your family can be happy, and you can have a smile going into “work”.


      Career coaching can include a few different topics; starting your career, advancing in your career, or changing your career. Each one is important in their own way but I get the most enjoyment in helping people start their career. I love seeing people go from working at a place they hate or in school unsure of how to attack the real world to understanding that they are more capable than they realize.


      I encourage you to take a step back, look at your own life and see if you are happy with your career or if there are changes you want to see. You may be surprised at what you come up with when you take the time to stop and think.


-Caleb Wright

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