Being Relentless: 6 Steps to the Path to Victory

August 31, 2017 admin

  1. Know what you want

        Before you can be victorious in your path of life, you need to know what you truly want. What do you want to be known for? How will your life be meaningful in your eyes? If you can’t answer these questions, you will jump between different goals and paths and take longer to accomplish anything. You need to be precise and consistent. Once you know what you want, you can focus on the next immediate step to move you towards the path you choose. This step if fairly easy if you take the time to sit down and just think. When you block out all the distractions and allow yourself to think, you will be surprised at what you find. Feel free to experiment and test different ideas so you don’t get stuck on a single idea.


  1. KNOW what you want

        Let me say it again, you need to really know what you want. I mean seriously know; to the point where you will do anything to get it done. It may seem the same as step 1, but this is a little harder to figure out. This usually comes with some trial and error; being able to figure out what clicks with your character and values. You need to make sure what you initially want is not a fad or something you will forget about the next day, week, month, or year. What helps me to figure it out is to think of something that excites me. Something I would want to do even after retirement.


  1. No motivation can help you

        I’ll admit it, I’m a big fan of motivating music and speeches on YouTube to get me pumped up to do something. The problem with this is it doesn’t last. Motivation might be a good way to get started but you will quickly realize that some things will suck no matter what. This is where many people stop because it isn’t fun anymore, they realize they still need to do work. To combat this, it really comes down to discipline. You need to train your body and mind to do things you don’t want to do because you know in the long run it will be worth the grind.


  1. Don’t listen to negative people

        Peer pressure is a bitch. It makes you do something you initially do not want to do just because other people don’t agree with you. While there are supportive people, there are also people that hate it when others succeed. Sometimes these people are not obvious, they may mean well and seem like they want to help you. They will tell you your goal in unreachable and try to influence you to take a break or relax. This is especially hard when you’re not motivated, not disciplined yet, and don’t know what you want. To master this, you need to be confident, disciplined, and independent. When that happens, the only thing able to stop you is yourself.


  1. Crawl through the mud

        If you have the previous steps in check, this one is not hard. This goes back to making sure you have the discipline to trudge through the hard work. The only problem is it is difficult to predict how long you will be crawling through the mud. Even if you have a plan to reach your goal on this day by doing these things, the majority of the time something will go wrong. You need to be flexible and don’t let consistent failures keep you down. Keep in mind what your goal or final step is so you know what you’re fighting for.


  1. Don’t let small victories hinder your journey

        When you are crawling through the mud, getting work done with no motivation, moving past your failures, you will get a victory. Don’t let it fool you, you can’t lose sight of your ultimate goal. Enjoy your small victory for a moment and continue with your journey. It will be hard because you will want to celebrate what you can for as long as you can. This will only waste more time to reach where you want to be. To be victorious in your path of life, you need to be relentless and driven by what matters to you.


-Caleb Wright

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