Personal Coaching

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Do you need a career coach?

You may need a coach if you're:

  • Not sure how you will get a job
  • Not sure what to expect after graduating
  • Trying to find what career to pursue
  • Almost done school and still don't have a plan
  • Having trouble reaching your goal or career
  • Taking what seems like forever to reach your goal

Aside from family, your career should be the most important aspect of your life. You will spend more time working on your career than anything else during your lifetime, so you need to get it right. You should be excited every day to work on something you love rather than dreading coming into work.


I'm here to help you achieve your career goals. Let me help you.


Pricing and Key Information

  • $75 for one personal coaching session
  • You decide how many sessions per month you want
  • Face to face coaching is available for anyone willing to meet within 30 miles of Fayetteville, NC
  • Sessions over the phone are available
  • Sessions over video chat are available using Jitsi Meet
  • Jitsi Meet allows secure conference style video chat on their website, no need to download it on your computer

Coaching Bundle

  • $250 for four personal coaching sessions
  • Your choice of weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions

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