Personal Coaching

Do you need a productivity coach?

You may need a coach if you:

  • Procrastinate too much
  • Are unable to focus on your work
  • Feel like you work all the time but accomplish nothing
  • Want to accomplish more but don't have the time
  • Want more time to spend doing what you want
  • Want to better yourself

In a coaching session we will tackle the four big barriers to productivity. A coaching session allows me to work with you on more specific problems that you have on your journey to be a more productive person. 

Pricing and Key Information

  • $1,000 per month
  • Up to four 90 minute sessions per month
  • Unlimited communication through email
  • Sessions over the phone are preferred
  • Face to face coaching is available for anyone willing to meet within 30 miles of Fayetteville, NC
  • Sessions over video chat are available using Jitsi Meet
  • Jitsi Meet allows secure conference style video chat on their website, no need to download it on your computer

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